April 11, 2016

Review of Priest

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OneHere is a pre-print of my review of Graham Preist’s most recent book, One: Being an investigation into the Unity of Reality and of its Parts, including the Singular Object which is Nothingness (Oxford, 2014), forthcoming in Philosophy in Review.

It was a fun and engaging book to read, though I disagreed with almost every assertion made in it. But that’s OK. Part of the pleasure of reading it was in appreciating the power and elegance of a view so radically different from my own. I aspire to be able to defend my views with as much ingenuity, clarity, wit, and verve as Priest does his.



December 31, 2014

Review of Hasker

Hasker Philosophy in Review‘s final issue for 2014 includes my review of William Hasker’s Metaphysics and the Tri-Personal God.

As I point out in the review, the main philosophical strides forward are made in the final chapters of the book. The first 3rd is historical stage-setting, but you’d be better off getting your history from historical theologians or the primary sources themselves. The second 3rd of the book is a useful and judicious summary of important contemporary work on the Trinity, but such summaries can be found elsewhere.

August 31, 2014

Review of Leftow

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G&NMy review of Brian Leftow’s mammoth tome, God and Necessity, is now available over at Philosophy in Review. Clearer writing probably could have saved OUP about 200 pages, but it is otherwise a very good book. Leftow is one smart dude.

I should have a few more reviews coming out before the year’s over.

May 30, 2013

Review of Zagzebski

omnisubjectivityHere is a review, by yours truly,¬†of Linda Zagzebski’s 2013 Aquinas lectures, Omnisubjectivity: A Defense of a Divine Attribute. It was a fun read! But it felt more like reviewing an article than a book. Brevity is not always correlated with density!

As far as I know, this is the first book in which my name is printed. I was grateful to have interacted with Zagzebski on earlier drafts of the lecture. The attribute of omnisubjectivity is largely responsible for capturing my interest in philosophical theology, and it is a great example of how much of a philosophical watershed philosophy of religion can be.

August 3, 2007

Review of Nowacki

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Here is a review of Mark Nowacki’s The Kalam Cosmological Argument for God (Prometheus, 2007). Nowacki

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